Houndstooth Scarf

Houndstooth Scarf Designs and Styles:

Scarves are great accessories for not just colder months, but all year round. The Houndstooth scarf pattern has been around since 1800s when it was first introduced in Scotland. You have to learn how to use it properly though. In recent years there is a growing fashion trend that made this Houndstooth scarf not just popular with the ladies but the gentlemen as well. One good thing that can be said of this type of scarf is that its size can range from something as small as a handkerchief to something as big as a blanket. The best kind of clothes that go well with Houndstooth scarf is neutral colors. It would be easier to mix and match to complete your fashion ensemble.

For the ladies,  to pull off wearing a Houndstooth scarf is by wearing a gray or white long sleeve shirt and tie up the scarf on your neck. The shirt by the way should be close fitting to make your look sexy. You can finish this off by wearing dark colored pants or khakis. In general for the men what will work is by wearing the Houndstooth scarf wrapped several times on the neck and leave some of its edges hanging down the chest. Some ladies find men that wear scarves very attractive.


A man’s scarf should be at least 10 inches wide and 70 inches long with solid pattern to easily wrap around the neck. Gone were the days when men think of wearing a scarf as somewhat effeminate. Not all men may know it, but men’s wardrobes have included scarves for over 2000 years now. In the earlier days, scarves serve as a practical protection against the biting cold of winter. If you would only observe some of the old photos from the world’s military aviators and you would see them wearing different kinds of scarves. During those times men used scarves to protect not just against cold, but the heat of the sun especially if they are crossing the desert.

Scarves can add a sense of style that can transform a rather ordinary outfit into something of substance. As a rule of thumb, never wear something that will clash against the pattern of the scarf!

When Is The Best Time To Wear a Houndstooth Scarf?

There are lots of great places and events where you can add a Houndstooth scarf to your attire to spice up your look. Here are a few common places and ideas to try:

- Workplace. Wearing a Houndstooth scarf for work can enhance a rather drab uniform or office wear. For the ladies, if you want to look professional you can wear a traditional black and white scarf with a black pantsuit to may you look chic. Wear black or white dress shoes with this. For men, you can wear the scarf under your coat.

- Night in Town. Wear your scarf with a fancy outfit. For the ladies, you can wear a skirt with a solid shirt and use a patterned Houndstooth scarf. You can also use black tights with your skirt especially if it is pencil cut and kind of short. To finish this killer looks you can wear boots instead of ordinary shoes. For men you can wear a Houndstooth patterned pants with your scarf provided that your shirt is in a solid color like white or black. Wear black shoes to complete this look.

- Going Casual. Wearing scarf should not be confined to those days when there is a special event to attend. On a casual day of shopping or spending some quality time with your friends you can wear blouse with gray or white colors that will effectively complement the black and white Houndstooth scarf. You can wear jeans or slacks with this. Wear good shoes in neutral colors. For men, you can look superb by wearing black long sleeved shirt with Houndstooth scarf, use a light brown cap, faded blue jeans and sneakers to complete your look.

Recognizing the popularity of Houndstooth scarf, fashion designers are introducing them in unisex colors. The only difference would be that scarves for men are longer than women for obvious reasons. Thanks to the Hollywood celebrities Houndstooth scarf has gain notoriety as a staple of fashion that they can never do without. Depending on how you use them scarves can produce different kinds of looks that will help to make it look as if you have a lot of new dresses to wear. Don’t be afraid to mix and match them. Nowadays, Houndstooth scarf comes with hat, pants and coat of the same pattern.

General Rules of Tying a Scarf for Men

- Remember simple is better. Tie the scarf ends in knots, wrap it around your neck several times and let it hang loose. You can drape it on your shoulders.

- Scarves are different from necktie. Do not the use the same principle of necktie when using your scarf since these two are vastly different from the other.

- Choose a scarf for function rather than fashion. Choose a simple knot and wear your scarf. Be sure to estimate how low or high you want your scarf should be. You can also use a fake knot with scarves that have thicker weaves. Tie a knot using one end of the scarf and let the other side hang loose.


Fashion Tips for Women When Wearing a Scarf

- Use Ascot Knot. This resembles a looser version of the neck tie with one end of the scarf hanging on top of the other. You can also make this knot smaller by repeating the same procedure only this time the scarf hangs like a necktie but with a small tail hanging out.

- Bow Tie. This knot goes well with a business suit.

- Bandana. Simply wrap the scarf on your shoulders bandanna style with a short tail hanging on the middle.

- Butterfly Knot. Looks dainty and very feminine. Tie your scarf with one end resembling a big bow of ribbon and the other end hanging loose.

- Hair Wrap. You can either use it like a crown wrap or a Gypsy style hair wrap around.

When it comes to fashion and outfit pairing, a Houndstooth scarf can be used in many ways. The ideas of how to use it for both men and women are simply endless. Eventually because of its usefulness it will come as no surprise if people will buy several of this useful soft cloth. With the many ways of wearing Houndstooth scarf whether during summer or winter this scarf is definitely here to stay.